Title of the document Welcome to Medical College for Women & Hospital.

Notice Board

Sl. No.
Item Name
Posting Date
206.Clinical Placement routine (3rd year)24-12-2023Download notice for students of medical college for women & hospital
205.Notice for Ward & Lecture class for 3rd year students25-11-2023Download notice for students of medical college for women & hospital
204.Notice for Ward & Lecture class for 4th year students25-11-2023Download notice for students of medical college for women & hospital
203.Amendment Notice for 3rd Prof MBBS Examination10-10-2023Download
202.Notice regarding Form fill up for Prof exam07-10-2023Integrated teaching
201.Notice for Professional  Examination routine07-10-2023Integrated teaching
200.Notice for Durga Puja vacation01-10-2023Integrated teaching
199.Notice for class suspension14-08-2023Integrated teaching
198.Notice for Orientation Programme & Class suspension23-07-2023Integrated teaching
197.Class start schedule for MBBS course for the session: 2022-202313-07-2023Integrated teaching
196.MBBS Admission notice for the session: 2022-2023 (Local Student)02-07-2023Integrated teaching
195.MBBS Admission notice for the session: 2022-202305-06-2023Integrated teaching

Notice regarding Eid vacation

29-03-2023Integrated teaching

Notice regarding form fill up for Professional examination (Eng)

25-03-2023Integrated teaching

Notice regarding form fill up for Professional examination

25-03-2023Integrated teaching

Notice for unauthorized leave and auto vacation

20-03-2023Integrated teaching

Notice for Academic Council Meeting

01-02-2023Integrated teaching

Notice for Lecture class and Ward class

10-01-2023Integrated teaching

Notice for Christmas Vacation

20-12-2022Integrated teaching

Notice for class suspension

07-12-2022Integrated teaching

Notice for 2nd year (Session: 2020-2021) & 3rd year students (Session: 2019-2020)

21-09-2022Integrated teaching

Notice for 1st year students (Session: 2021-2022)

21-09-2022Integrated teaching

2nd Prof. MBBS Examination May-2022 (New Curriculum)

19-09-2022Integrated teaching

Notice regarding Integrated teaching

14-09-2022Integrated teaching

Final Professional MBBS Examination of May-2022 (New Curriculum)  Result

12-09-2022Integrated teaching

Notice for 1st year to 5th year students

08-09-2022Integrated teaching

Notice for class suspension due to orientation program

28-07-2022Integrated teaching

Ward schedule of MBBS students of MCW-27

21-07-2022Integrated teaching

MBBS admission applicant list, Quota: Freedom Fighter, Session: 2021-2022

17-07-2022Integrated teaching

MBBS admission applicant list, Quota: Poor & Meritorious, Session: 2021-2022

17-07-2022Integrated teaching

MBBS admission applicant list, Quota: General, Session: 2021-2022

17-07-2022Integrated teaching
175.Ward class schedule of MCW 28th batch, session:2018-1912-07-2022Integrated teaching
174.Notice for MBBS admission result (Session: 2021-2022)07-07-2022Integrated teaching
173.Class schedule for 4th year students30-06-2022Integrated teaching
172.Admission notice for 1st year MBBS Course 31st Batch (Session: 2021-2022)16-06-2022Integrated teaching
171.Notice for Eid Vacation12-06-2022Integrated teaching
170.Exam schedule for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final Prof. with Old curriculum23-04-2022Integrated teaching
169.Notice for Academic Council Meeting 106th20-04-2022Integrated teaching
168.Notice for Eid Vacation12-04-2022Integrated teaching
167.Notice-Online form fil-up and routine07-04-2022Integrated teaching
166.Assessment Result-5th year07-04-2022Integrated teaching
165.Exam Routine with Form fillup letter06-04-2022Integrated teaching
164.Notice for Assessment Exam (Phase-IV)02-03-2022Integrated teaching
163Notice and schedule of offline class19-02-2022Integrated teachingIntegrated teaching
163.Ward schedule for MCW-2916-02-2022Integrated teaching
162.Notice for tutorial classes and ward schedule16-02-2022Integrated teaching
161.Notice for suspension of ward class08-02-2022Integrated teaching
160.Notice regarding Term-II Examination08-02-2022Integrated teaching
159.Notice for Vacation of Sharaswati Puja02-02-2022Integrated teaching
158.Emergency notice about Integrated Teaching19-01-2022Integrated teaching
157.Notice for Christmas vacation-202120-12-2021Integrated teaching
156.Notice regarding tuition fees05-12-2021Integrated teaching
155.Notice-Integrated Teaching for 3rd to 5th year students02-12-2021Integrated teaching
154.Revised Time Table for Written Exam (1st Prof)30-11-2021DU registration
153.Dhaka University registration number for the session: 2019-2020/Batch: MCW-2923-11-2021DU registration
152.Admission Closed for Foreign student-Session-2021-202218-11-2021Prof Exam
151.Notice for Final Prof MBBS examination of May & Jul-202114-11-2021Prof Exam
150.Notice for 1st Prof MBBS examination of May & Nov-2021 held in Dec-202114-11-2021Prof Exam
149.Notice regarding 3rd Year & 4th Year  students class04-11-2021Prof Exam
148.Notice regarding Dhaka university student’s registration fee03.11.2021Prof Exam
147.Notice regarding library schedule23.10.2021Prof Exam
146.Results of Final Professional MBBS Examination-Nov 2020/January 2021 (Held in August 2021) – Summary19.10.2021Prof Exam
145.Results of Final Professional MBBS Examination-Nov 2020/January 2021 (Held in August 2021)19.10.2021Prof Exam
144.Notice for Academic Council Meeting17.10.2021Prof Exam
143.Notice for Durga Puja Vacation (Amendment)10-10-2021Prof Exam
142.Notice from the Controller of Exam, Dhaka University22-09-2021Prof Exam
141.Revised routine of 1st term examination (Phase-III)19-09-2021Prof Exam
140.Ward Class Schedule (MCW-26)15-09-2021Prof Exam
139.Hostel rent & Tuition fees08-09-2021Prof Exam
138.Notice for Class08-09-2021Prof Exam
137.Lecture routine for 3rd-4th and 5th year02-09-2021Prof Exam
136.Temporary online ward class schedule02-09-2021Prof Exam
135.Notice for Ensuing MBBS Professional Examination only Irregular Batch (Old & New Curriculum) May & July-202129-08-2021Prof Exam
134.Notice for Vaccination (Class & Ward suspension)31-07-2021Prof Exam
133.Announcement for Inauguration Ceremony for MBBS students (MCWH-30) (Coll-English)26-07-2021Prof Exam
132.Announcement for Inauguration Ceremony for MBBS students (MCWH-30) (Coll-Bangla)26-07-2021Prof Exam
131.Announcement for Inauguration Ceremony for MBBS students (MCWH-30) (Govt-English)26-07-2021Prof Exam
130.Announcement for Inauguration Ceremony for MBBS students (MCWH-30) (Govt-Bangla)26-07-2021Prof Exam
129.Notice for Final Prof MBBS Exam & Routine24-07-2021Prof Exam
128.Admission notice  for Meritorious & Poor Candidates18-07-2021Prof Exam
127.Notice for Eid vacation15-07-2021Prof Exam
126.Notice about online class report08-07-2021Prof Exam
125.Notice for integrated teaching for 5th year students07-07-2021Prof Exam
124.Temporary online ward placement for B-2629-06-2021Prof Exam
123.Result – 2nd Prof MBBS examination Jul-2020 held in Jan-202129-06-2021Prof Exam
122.Result – 2nd Prof MBBS examination May-2020 held in Mar-202129-06-2021Prof Exam
121.Result – 2nd Prof MBBS examination Nov-2020 held in Mar-202129-06-2021Prof Exam
120.Notice regarding payment of dues (Session-2020-21)-Foreign students22-06-2021Prof Exam
119.Notice for students COVID-19 vaccination20-06-2021Prof Exam
118.Temporary online ward class schedule of MCW-27, Session 2017-1819-06-2021Prof Exam
117.Notice for MBBS admission result (Session: 2020-2021)19-06-2021Prof Exam
116.Temporary online Ward Class Schedule of 28th Batch13-06-2021Prof Exam
115.Notice for Final Professional Examinee12-06-2021Prof Exam
114.Notice for Eligible students for Final Prof Assessment Exam05-06-2021Prof Exam
113.Notice for admission to MBBS course (Session:2020-2021)01-06-2021Prof Exam
112.Notice for Assessment Examination for  Defaulter Students27-05-2021 Prof Exam
111.Notice for Foreign Students B-2623-05-2021Prof Exam
110.Notice for  Final Professional Exam schedule12-05-2021Prof Exam
109.Final Professional OSPE exam routine (Revised)28-04-2021Prof Exam
108.Final Professional written exam routine (Revised)28-04-2021Prof Exam
107.Notice for Final Professional Examinee (Revised)28-04-2021Prof Exam
106.Notice for Eid Vacation (Eid Ul Fitr)26-04-2021Prof Exam
105.Notice for Final Professional Examinee17-04-2021Prof Exam
104.Temporary online Ward Class schedule for MCW-2817-04-2021Prof Exam
103.Temporary online Ward Class schedule for B-28 (amendment)15-04-2021Prof Exam
102.Temporary online Ward Class schedule for B-2713-04-2021Prof Exam
101.Temporary online Ward Class schedule for B-2813-04-2021Prof Exam
100.Notice for Online block posting11-04-2021Prof Exam
99.Special notice from Principal Office dated 11-04-202111-04-2021Prof Exam
98.Temporary online class routine for B-2706-04-2021Prof Exam
97.Temporary online class routine for B-2803-04-2021Prof Exam
96.Temporary  block posting for defaulter student15-03-2021Prof Exam
95.Temporary  Online Ward Placement for B-26 (5th year)15-03-2021Prof Exam
94.Notice regarding tuition fees04-03-2021Prof Exam
93.Notice regarding online class03-03-2021Prof Exam
92.Notice regarding 2nd Professional Examination11-02-2021Prof Exam
91.Notice regarding academic council meeting06-02-2021Prof Exam
90.Notice regarding college library28-01-2021Prof Exam
89.Notice regarding Hostel residence for MBBS professional examinations26-01-2021Prof Exam
88.Notice regarding online form fill-up for 1st & 2nd Professional examinee26-01-2021Prof Exam
87.Notice for Foreign Intern Doctors & their parents/guardian21-01-2021Prof Exam
86.Notice regarding Block posting of session 2015-1610-01-2021Prof Exam
85.Notice regarding academic council meeting09-01-2021Prof Exam
84.Notice regarding staying in hostel02-01-2021Prof Exam
83.Notice regarding Christmas holiday19-12-2020Prof ExamDownload
82.Notice & routine regarding 3rd Prof Exam on January 202119-12-2020Prof ExamDownload
81.Notice for attention to all examinee (Home & Abroad) 13-12-2020Prof ExamDownload
80.Notice regarding 4th year clinical lecture class of Batch-2709-12-2020Prof ExamDownload
79.Notice regarding 5th year clinical lecture class of Batch-2609-12-2020Prof ExamDownload
78.Notice regarding Pre examination class of Batch-2509-12-2020Prof ExamDownload
77.Notice regarding General Holiday (7 & 8 Dec-2020)06-11-2020Prof ExamDownload
76.Notice to agents regarding MBBS admission closing (Foreign Students)28-11-2020Prof ExamDownload
75.Notice from Principal Office regarding academic council meeting22.11.2020Prof ExamDownload
74.Notice from Principal Office regarding Prof. examination11.11.2020Prof ExamDownload
73.Notice from Medicine dept regarding pending ward 03.10.2020Pending WardDownload
72.Notice from Principal Office31.10.2020pdf35Download
71.Notice from Principal Office 18.10.2020pdf35Download
70.Notice from Director’s Office (about treatment by Professors)03.10.2020pdf35Download
69.Notice for DU Online Form Fillup29.09.2020pdf35
68.Notice from Principal Office30.07.2020pdf35
67.Notice about online class18.06.2020pdf35
68.Notice from Principal Office16.06.2020pdf35
67.Notice from Principal Office (Regarding Exam & Class)14.06.2020pdf35
66.Notice from Principal Office (Regarding Hostel)05.06.2020Download
65.Notice from Principal Office, Dated: 31-05-202001.05.2020Download
64.Revised online lecture class routine for 5th year MBBS students31.05.2020pdf35
63.Message from The Principal04.05.2020pdf35
62.Notice from The Dean, Dhaka University04.05.2020pdf35
61.Announcement for extension of class suspension (COVID-19) – up to 23 April10.04.2020pdf35
60.Announcement for extension of class suspension (COVID-19)04.04.2020Download
59.Letter to parents about students resides in hotel  (COVID-19)29.03.2020pdf
58.Announcement for class suspension (COVID-19)18.03.2020pdf
57.MBBS Admission notice (Session-2019-20)06.02.2020pdf
56.MBBS Admission notice-Meritorious & poor candidates (Session-2019-20)29.12.2019Download
55.Merit list of applicants selected for admission to MBBS course in MCWH (Session: 2019-20).27.11.2019pdf35
54.Notice for MBBS admission according to merit position (Session: 2019-20)27.11.2019Download
53.Notice for admission to MBBS Course (Session: 2018-19) (English)07.11.2019pdf
52.Notice for admission to MBBS Course (Session: 2018-19) (Bangla)07.11.2019pdf
51.Notice regarding ex-individuals14.09.2019Download
50.Notice for meeting with consultancy firms21.12.2018Download
49.Notice (3) for admission to MBBS Course (Session: 2018-19)13.12.2018Download
48.Notice (2) for admission to MBBS Course (Session: 2018-19)07.12.2018Download
47.Merit List for Admission to MBBS Course (Session: 2018-19)25.11.2018Download
46.Notice for admission to MBBS Course (Session: 2018-19)10.11.2018Download
45. Tender notice of electrical goods for electrical supply
at Indoor Building, Uttarkhan General Hospital.
44. Local Tender Notice for Hospital bed related products25.01.2018pdf35
43. Notice about appointment of Senior Staff Nurse (Viva exam)10.01.2018pdf35
42. Merit List for Admission to MBBS Course (Session: 2017-18)11.12.2017pdf35
41. Tender notice for printing calendar of MCW&H (2018)06.12.2017pdf35
40. Amendment Notice for admission to MBBS Course
(Session: 2017-18) (Time extension)
39. Notice from Hospital about Senior Staff Nurse MCQ Test23.11.2017pdf35
38. Notice for admission to MBBS Course (Session: 2017-18)14.11.2017pdf35
37. MCQ exam results for the post of “Nursing Supervisor/Nurse  Teacher/Instructor”11.11.2017pdf35
36. Tender notice for TP molded case circuit breaker18.05.2017pdf35
35. Tender notice for Semi-Auto Analyzer22.04.2017Memo no.- mhwt/pc/lt(16)/7
34. Wanted – Senior Staff Nurse13.03.2017Memo no.- mhwt/pc/lt(16)/7
33. Tender notice for Hospital items07.02.2017Memo no.- mhwt/pc/lt(16)/7
32. Notice for Admission of Diploma in Nursing Science  & Midwifery19.12.2016pdf35
31. Instruction for the candidates
(MBBS Course, Session: 2016-17)
30. Merit List for Admission to MBBS Course
(Session: 2016-17)
29. Tender notice for printing of calendar 201721.11.2016pdf35
28. Notice for admission to MBBS Course (Session: 2016-17)10.11.2016pdf35
27. Wanted Notice for “Medical Technologist” & “OPD Assistant” 27.09.2016pdf35
26. Re-tender notice for tiles work.19.10.2016pdf35
25. MCQ exam result of the post of “Senior Staff Nurse”25-09-2016pdf35
24. MCWH-Employment-Notice-2016-Sep20-09-2016pdf35
23. Tender Notice for tiles, conmix & fittings01-09-2016pdf35
22. Tender Notice for envelop, reporting pad & sticker01-09-2016pdf35
21. Tender Notice for ECG & Biochemistry Semi Analyzer24-07-2016pdf35
20. Tender Notice for NCR Paper (7″x9″, 3 ply, auto carbon)24-07-2016pdf35
19. Tender Notice for Prospectus17-07-2016pdf35
18. Tender Notice for Needle + Band Aid19-03-2016pdf35
 Tender Notice for OPD Treatment Card19-03-2016pdf35
 Tender Notice for Steel Bed26-11-2015pdf35
 Local tender notice for calendar printing23-11-2015pdf35
 Tender Notice for generator servicing21-11-2015pdf35
 Merit List for Admission to MBBS Course (Session: 2015-16).29-10-2015pdf35
 Notice for admission to MBBS Course (Session: 2015-16)07-10-2015pdf35
 Tender Notice for Laboratory Equipment & Mattress2015-09-29pdf
 Tender Notice for Broadband Internet Service2015-08-26pdf
Tender Notice for purchasing computer for academic departments.2015-06-24pdf
Tender Notice for medical goods.2015-05-02pdf
Tender Notice for medical goods.2015-04-25pdf
Tender Notice for printing of reporting, investigation & prescription pad and discharge certificate.2015-02-28pdf
Tender Notice for Mosquito net & foam.2015-02-16pdf
Tender Notice for Strong room door, Water treatment plant, Medical equipment and others.2014-12-01pdf
Amendment notice about pay-order for admission in MBBS course (Session: 2014-15).2014-11-27pdf
Merit List for Admission to MBBS Course (Session: 2014-15).2014-11-27pdf
Notice for admission to MBBS Course (Session: 2014-15).2014-11-13pdf