Medical College for Women & Hospital

Medical college for women and hospital news Welcome to Medical College for Women & Hospital. The inauguration ceremony of 30th batch will be held virtually on 1st August 2021 at 11:00 AM
Title of the document Welcome to Medical College for Women & Hospital. The inauguration ceremony of 30th batch will be held virtually on 1st August 2021 at 11:00 AM

Faculty Members (College)

Faculty Members (College)


1.Prof. Dr. Sheikh Firoj Kabir
Major (Retd.)
MBBS, MCPS, FCPS(Surgery),
FRCS(Glasgow), FACS(USA)
Professor & Head of the
Department of Surgery
Prof. S. F. Kabir
Vice Principal In-charge
2.Prof. Taslima IslamMBBS, MPhilProfessor & Head,
Department of Physiology
Prof. Taslima Islam
1. Department of Anatomy
1.Prof. Syeda Rubana HossainMBBS, MPhilProfessor &
Head of the Department
Prof. Rubana
2.Dr. Zinat Rezina SultanaMBBS, MPhilAssociate Professor Dr. Zinat Rezina Sultana
3.Dr. Hosna Ara PervenMBBS, MPhilAssistant Professor DR. HOSNA ARA PERVEN
4.Dr. Saida RashidMBBS, MPhilAssistant ProfessorDr. Sadia Rashid
5.Dr. Sharmin AkterMBBS, MPhilAssistant Professor (cc)Dr. Sharmin Akter
6.Dr. Sharmin Binte AnwarMBBSCuratorDr. Sharmin Binte Anwar
7.Dr. Zannatul FerdousMBBSLecturerDr. Zannatul Ferdous
8.Dr. Tania AdityMBBSLecturerDr. Tania Adity
9.Dr. Al-Rezwan AkberMBBSLecturer90661-dr-al-razwan
10.Dr. Rayeesa MunjereenMBBSLecturer72333-Dr Rayeesa
11.Dr. Mithila Sarker SetuMBBSLecturer

2. Department of Physiology
Sl. NameQualificationDesignationPhotos
1.Prof. Taslima IslamMBBS, M. PhilProfessor &
Head of the Department
Prof. Taslima Islam 
2.Dr. Indira Sufia KhanMBBS, M. PhilAssociate Professor Dr. Indira Sufia Khan 
3.Dr. Fatema AkterMBBS, M. PhilAssistant Professor Dr. Fatema Akter 
4.Dr. Rahnuma AhmadMBBS, MPhilAssistant Professor (cc)Dr. Rahnuma AHmed
5.Dr. Matiar RahmanMBBS, DTCDLecturer Dr. Matiar Rahman 
6.Dr. Afroja LaizuMBBSLecturer Dr. Afroza Laizu 
7.Dr. Riyadh Ahmed AmirMBBSLecturer Dr. Riyad Ahmed 
8.Dr. Syeda Tasfia HaiderMBBSLecturerdr-syeda-tasfia-haider
3. Department of Biochemistry
Sl. NameQualificationDesignationPhotos
1.Dr. Hafiza LonaMBBS, MPhilAssociate Professor (cc)
Head of the Department
 Dr. Hafiza Lona
2.Dr. Mst. Al-Aharama BegumMBBS, MD (Cl. Biochemistry)Assistant Professor Dr. Al-Aharama Begum
3.Dr. Miliva MozafforMBBS, MD (Biochemistry)Assistant Professor (cc)Dr_Miliva
4.Dr. Tahamina Ferdoushi LisaMBBSLecturer Dr. Tahamina Ferdousi Lisa
5.Dr. Tanjina MahbubMBBSLecturerDr. Tanjina Mahbub
6.Dr. Farzana RahmanMBBSLecturerDr. Farzana Rahman
7.Dr. Ashrina Zaman OntaraMBBSLecturer33331-Dr Ashrina
4. Department of Community Medicine
Sl. NameQualificationDesignationPhotos
1.Dr. Farzana ZafreenMBBS, MPH (RCH)Associate Professor &
Head of the Department
Dr. Farzana Zafreen
2.Dr. Dilruba AhmedMBBS, MPH(MCH&FP),
MPhil (PSM)
Associate Professor (cc)Dr. Dilruba Ahmed
3.Dr. Nadrin ParsaMBBS, MPH (HP&HE)Assistant Professor (cc)Dr. Nadrin Parsa
4.Dr. Farhana Kaniz MouriMBBSLecturer
5. Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Sl. NameQualificationDesignationPhotos
1.Prof. (cc) Roksana ParvinMBBS, M. PhilProfessor (cc) &
Head of the Department
35434-Dr Roksana
2.Dr. Nusrat SultanaMBBS, M. PhilAssociate Professor (cc)Dr. Nusrat Sultana
3.Dr. Khaleda Mezbah UddinMBBSLecturerDr. Khaleda Mezbahuddin
4.Dr. Nusrat KudchiaMBBSLecturerDr. Nusrat Kudchia
5.Dr. Sharlin Jahan EmaMBBSLecturerDr_Sharlin Jahan
6.Dr. Kazi Azmiri HoqueMBBSLecturer
6. Department of Forensic Medicine
Sl NameQualificationDesignationPhotos
1.Prof. Md. Monowarul
Islam Sarker
MBBS, MCPS, DFM(DU)Professor &
Head of the Department
Prof. Md. Monowarul Islam Sarker
2.Dr. Rifat Naoreen IslamMBBS, DFMAssociate Professor06363-Dr Rifat2
3.Dr. Hazera BegumMBBS, DFM, MCPSAsst. Professor (cc) Dr. Hazera Begum
4.Dr. Farha Islam OrinMBBSLecturerDr_Farha Islam
5.Dr. Sumaiya AfrinMBBSLecturer Dr. Sumaiya Afrin
6.Dr. Sanjidah IslamMBBSLecturer Dr. Sanjidah Islam

7. Department of Pathology
1. Prof. Tamanna ChoudhuryMBBS, MPhil(Path)Professor &
Head of the Department
83105-Prof Tamanna
2.Dr. Nazmun NaharMBBS, MPhilAssociate ProfessorDr. Nazmun Nahar
3. Dr. Sabrina Razzaque MBBS, MD Associate Professor (cc) Dr. Sabrina Razzak
4. Dr. Kh. Farhana Ahmed MBBS Lecturer Dr. Farhana Ahmed
5. Dr. Kaberi Rani Das MBBS Lecturer Dr. Kaberi Rani Das
6. Dr. Nishat Iqbal MBBS LecturerDr. Nishat Iqbal
7. Dr. Ishita Afrin MBBS Lecturer89926-Dr Ishita Afrin
8. Dr. Nusrat Jahan MBBS Lecturer81253-Dr Nusrat

8. Department of Microbiology
Sl. NameQualificationDesignationPhotos
1.Prof. Sofia AndalibMBBS, MCPS, DCP, FCPSProfessor &
Head of the Department
 Prof. Sofia Andalib
2.Dr. Rumana AlimMBBS, MPhilAssociate Professor Dr. Rumana Alim
3.Dr. Shaila MunwarMBBS, DTM&H, MScAssociate Professor
 Dr. Shaila Munwar
4.Dr. Sharmin Islam KhanMBBSLecturer Dr. Sharmin Islam Khan
5.Dr. Fahmida Haque PapiaMBBSLecturerFahmida Hoque Papia
6.Dr. Md. Shahadat Hossen ZonyMBBSLecturerDr. Shahadat Hossain
7.Dr. Ummey Shamima BegumMBBSLecturer 53894-Dr Ummey Shamima
9. Department of Medicine
Sl. NameQualificationDesignationPhotos
1.Prof. (cc) Dr. Md. Abdul KaderMBBS, FCPS (Medicine)Professor (cc)
& Head of the Department
 Prof. Abdul Kader
2.Dr. Md Shamsul HudaMBBS, DTCDAssistant ProfessorDr. Shamsul Huda
3.Dr. Shaila Safia ChowdhuryMBBS, DT&H, MRCP(UK),
Diploma (Internal Medicine),
Assistant ProfessorDr. Shaila Shafia Chowdhury
4.Dr. Tawfiq AzizMBBS, MSc in Gastro, MRCP (UK)
Assistant Professor (Gastroenterology)
4.Dr. Aparna Rahman MBBS, MD(Card)Assistant Professor(cc)
– Cardiology
60367-Dr Aparna
5.Dr. KUM Shamsun Nahar MBBS, MD(Nephrology)Assistant Professor(cc)
– Nephrology
 18821-Dr KUM Shamsun
6.Dr. Md. Ahamedur RezaMBBS, FCPS (Physical Medicine)Assistant Professor(cc)
(Physical Medicine)
7.Dr. Marufa RahmanMBBS, MCPSRegistrarDr. Marufa Rahman
8.Dr. Syeda Suriya AkterMBBSRegistrarDr. Suraiya Akter
9.Prof. AQM Badruddoza ChoudhuryMBBS, TDD(Wales), FRCP(Edin),
FRCP (Glas), FRCP(Lon)
Honorary ProfessorProf. A.Q.M. Badruddoza Choudhury
10.Dr. Md. Mahbubul HuqueMBBS, DTCDAssociate Professor(cc)
Visiting Attache
Dr. Mahbubul Haque
10. Department of Pediatrics
1.Prof. Dr. Sushanta Kumar GhoshMBBS(BD), FCPS(Ped),
MD (Ped)
Professor &
Head of the Department
Dr. Sushanto Kumar
2.Dr. Rafeza KhanamMBBS(BD), DCH(DU),
Associate Professor (cc)Dr. Rafeza Khanam
3.Dr. Saidul HoqueMBBS, DCHRegistrarDr. Saidul Haque
11. Department of Surgery
Sl. NameQualificationDesignationPhotos
 1.Prof. Dr. Sheikh Firoj Kabir
Major (Retd.)
MBBS, MCPS, FCPS(Surgery),
FRCS(Glasgow), FACS(USA)
Principal cum
Professor &
Head of the Department
Prof. S. F. Kabir
2.Dr. Mahbuba BegumMBBS(DMC), FCPS(Surgery)Associate ProfessorDr. Mahbuba Begum
3.Dr. Muhammad NuruzzamanMBBS, FCPSAssistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Nuruzzaman
4.Dr. Md. Rezaul AlamMBBS, FCPSAssistant Professor (cc)99850-Dr Rezaul
5.Dr. Md. Mostafizur RahmanMBBS, MS (Urology)Assistant Professor (cc)10367-Dr Mostafizur
6.Dr. Md. Mahfuzul MomenMBBS, FCPSAssistant Professor (cc)Dr Mahfuzul Momen
7.Dr. Mohd Eiftakhar Rasul KhanMBBSRegistrarDr. Iftekhar Rasul
8. Dr. Tasnim HossainMBBSRegistrar (Acting)33591-Dr Tasnim
9.Prof. K. G. M. IqbalMBBS, FCPS (BD),
FRCS (Ireland)
Professor (Supernumerary)Prof. KGM Iqbal
12. Department of Orthopedic
Sl. NameQualificationDesignationPhotos
1.Dr. Syed Israr KamalMBBS, MS (Ortho)Associate Professor(cc)
& Head
87179-Dr Israr
2.Dr. Md. Insanul AlamMBBS, CCD, MS(Ortho)Assistant Professor (cc)32407-Dr Insanul
3.Dr. Mohammed Shakil HossanMBBS, D. OrthoAssistant Professor (cc)Dr Shakil Hossan
4.Dr. Abdul WadudMBBSRegistrar78012-Dr Abdul Wadud
13. Department of Ophthalmology
Sl. NameQualificationDesignationPhotos
1.Dr. Palash BaruaMBBS, DO, MS (Ophthalmology)Associate Professor (cc) &
Head of the Department
 Dr. Palash Barua
2.Dr. Amina HuqMBBS, DO (Ophth), MPHRegistrar (cc) Dr Amena Huq
14. Department of ENT
1.Prof. (cc) Ahmed Minhaz ShumonMBBS, MCPS, DLO, FCPSProfessor (cc) &
Head of the Department
 Dr. Ahmed Minhaz Shuman
2.Prof. (cc) Naseem YasmeenMBBS, DLO, FCPSProfessor (cc) Dr. Nasim Yasmin
3.Dr. Farzana HoqueMBBS, FCPSAssistant Professor Dr. Farzana Haque
4.Dr. Mousumi MalakarMBBSRegistrarDr. Mousumi Malakar
15. Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics
1.Prof. Parul JahanMBBS, DGO, MCPS,
Professor &
Head of the Department
 Prof. Parul Jahan
2.Prof. Jesmin AkterMBBS, MCPS, DGO, FCPSProfessor Prof. Jesmin Akter
3.Prof. (cc) AkhterunnessaMBBS, FCPSProfessor (cc)Dr. Akhtarunnesa
4.Dr. Kakali SahaMBBS, FCPS, MSAssociate Professor (cc)  Dr. Kakali Saha
5.Dr. Shilpi SahaMBBS, FCPSAssociate Professor (cc) Dr. Shilpi Saha
6.Dr. Nafisa AhamedMBBSRegistrar (cc)82455-Dr. Nafisa
7.Dr. Shushmita HossainMBBSRegistrar (In charge)Dr. Shushmita-PP

16. Department of Radiology & Imaging
1.Dr. Rosy PerveenMBBS, FCPSAssociate Professor(cc) & HeadDr. Roksana Parvin
17. Department of Dermatology
1.Prof. (cc) Shafiqul Islam MBBS, MDProfessor (cc) & HeadDr. Shafiqul Islam
2.Dr. Md Nazrul Islam Bhuiyan MBBS, DDV Associate Professor (cc)15271-Dr Nazrul

18. Department of Psychiatry
1.Dr. Chiranjeeb BiswasMBBS, MPhilAssistant Professor & HeadDr. Chiranjib

19. Department of Anesthesiology
1.Prof. Mosammat Maqsuda BegumMBBS, Specialist in Anaesthesiology
(Equivalent to FCPS),
Siraj University, Iran.
Professor & HeadProf. Maksuda Begum
2.Dr. Hasina PervinMBBS, DAAssociate Professor (cc)Dr. Hasina Parvin
3.Dr. Md. Wakely Mandal MBBS, MCPS(Anes), DAAssistant Professor(cc)
of Anaesthesiology cum
Consultant, ICU
87936-Dr Wakely Mandal