Title of the document Welcome to Medical College for Women & Hospital.


Course duration —– Six (6) semesters in three (3) years.

Each year 2 semester.


Study Plan

Year  Semester Total credit Total hours Description
1 1 24 440 Studying subjects are Social Science, Psychology of human behaviours, Chemistry and Physics, General Biology, English1, Introduction to Computers, Communication in Nursing, Anatomy and Physiology and Introduction and conceptual bases of nursing.
2 22 552 Studying subjects are Microbiology, Nutrition and Nutritional Support, Pathophysiology, Biostatistics & Epidemiology, Introduction to Health Assessment, Fundamental of Nursing, Introduction to Nursing Inquiry, and Community Health Nursing 1
2 1 16 632 Studying subjects are English II, Pharmacology, Community Health NursingII, Individual & Basis of Family Health, Adult Nursing I, Orthopedic Nursing.
2 15 760 Studying subjects are Adult Nursing II, Paediatric Nursing, Community Health Nursing III: Basis of Community Health, Basis of Gerontological Nursing, and Mental Health and Intro. Psychiatric Nursing.
3 1 17 848 Studying subjects are English III, Adult Nursing III and Midwifery I.
2 16 896 Studying subjects are Midwifery II, Leadership and Management, Nursing of Newborns, Research and Evidence Based Nursing and Nurse Internship.

Duration of Training

There should be a minimum period of three years of education. A student must pass the prescribed prerequisite course(s), if any, to be able to study in a specific higher level course. At the end of the program, the student is required to take the BNC comprehensive examination for certification and licensing as a registered nurse.


Medium of Instruction

English language is used as a medium of instruction with supplemental Bangla language, as necessary.