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Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar for 2020 of
Examinations & Vacation for Students


Academic Calendar of Examination:

  Phase-I  Term-IMCW-29May (2-16) May 
Term-IIMCW-29November (1-15) November 
Term-IIIMCW-28February-March (25th Feb-10th March)  March 
  Phase-IITerm-IMCW-28October 25 – November 10  November 
Term-IIMCW-27March (05-20)  March 
  Phase-IIITerm-IMCW-27October (16-30)  October 
Term-IIMCW-26March (08-22)  March 
  Phase-IVFinal AssessmentMCW-26March (08-22) March 
Final AssessmentMCW-25September  (08-22) September 

Vacation Schedule for students:

    10 days for each Eid*
    For Eid-ul-Fitre: from 27th Ramadan onward *
    For Eid-ul-Azha: 2 days ahead of Govt. holiday onward *
    03 days for Durga Puja *
    01 day for Sharasswati Puja
    03 days for Christmas : 24-26 December   
   All government holidays: As per declared in the Bangladesh government’s calendar.
    Academic Council Meeting: **1st Wednesday of every month.
    Departmental Meeting: **1st Sunday of every month.
    Phase Committee Meeting: **2nd Sunday of Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov.
    Academic Coordination Committee Meeting: **3rd Sunday of Jan, April, July, Oct.
    Faculty Meeting: **4th Sunday of Jan, May, Sept.
    * Subject to change depending on the lunar phase. 
    ** Subject to change depending on Govt. Holiday on schedule date.

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